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Veralco was established in 1994 as a subsidiary of Gemigar Ltd, with its main objective being the development and distribution, both local and international, of Municipal Castings and other engineering related products.

Veralco takes pride in an excellent reputation, achieved over many years for providing top quality products and industry leading services.

In Cyprus, our products are being distributed since 1993 to leading retail and contracting companies, a market segment in which we maintain a share of approximately 60%. Internationally, we have developed strong export trade relations, both within the European Union member states, as well as with countries of the Persian Gulf.

The entire range of municipal castings we provide are designed and developed under the strict control and supervision of Veralco, with the assistance of our associate office in the Far East. Veralco recognises the need to provide materials that are highly durable and capable to meet the demands that increasing volume in vehicular traffic put on our roads today.

All our production facilities operate under the highest quality management systems, complying with the requirements of EN ISO 9001. Where applicable, our products are manufactured in compliance with international product quality certification bodies such as the British Standard Institute. Such quality certifications demonstrate the highest assurances for the safety and quality of our products.

At Veralco we aim to offer our clients the most comprehensive solutions. In addition to producing and marketing our own range of brands, we have the capacity and ability to provide additional related products and materials such as Ductile Iron pipes and valves for sewerage and water movement applications as well as GRP components, manufactured to both national and international quality standards.

With the continued support of our partners and clients, both in Cyprus and abroad, our ambition is to increase the exports of our products, by further expanding our activities in the Middle East and Europe, whilst ensuring continuous improvements in the quality of our products and services.