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Quality Policy

It is the Company’s policy to offer products and services at an unvaryingly high level which are in compliance with the fixed or agreed specifications that meet the needs and expectations of its customers. The Company’s products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Cyprus and European Standards and, by extension, the CE Marking Declaration of Conformity. It is important for all staff members of the company to contribute towards the implementation of this policy in order to achieve long-term survival and to ensure that the Company remains a pioneer in its field.

The principal aim of the company is to fully satisfy its customer’s expectations. This is achieved by acknowledging and assessing their requirements, by immediately responding to those needs and by maintaining professional and warm-hearted relations.

Driven by its passion for quality, the company devotes its resources in ensuring all its products and services meet the most rigorous quality standards. In addition, whilst managing quality control, the company aims to maintain and increase its market share, as well as to maximise profitability and competiveness by constantly monitoring operating costs.

All staff members undergo training and receive information on their responsibilities regarding its quality procedures relevant to their specific role within the Company. These are reviewed at regular intervals in order to ensure effectiveness of the system.

The company has put in place certain corporate objectives to ensure that the quality policy it implements remains effective.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Company undertakes to operate a Quality Assurance System which is based on the requirements of European directives and regulations related to the quality of products and in compliance with the requirements/specifications of the relevant standards. The system will be monitored, maintained and improved through a program of assessment audits and reviews in order to ensure the effectiveness of the system.